Certified Home Buyer

When competition is high in the housing market, how do you stand out from other buyers without a cash offer?

Introducing the Equify Certified Home Buyer Program!

We know the home loan process can be overwhelming, so how does this actually work?

1. You would provide the same documentation as you would for a mortgage pre-approval.

2. We take an extra step and have an underwriter review your documents to ensure that you get conditionally approved for financing on a new home.

3. In addition, we stand behind our approval and back it up with a $5,000 Seller Guarantee*

Both you and the home seller can have peace of mind that your funds will be approved when it's time to close. Going thru this process also catches any unforeseen hiccups that can delay your closing date while increasing the chances of your offer getting accepted.
  • Quickest and Easiest Option
  • Based on Information you Provide
  • Preliminary Review
  • Mortgage Application
  • Document Submission
  • Credit Score Check
Certified Home Buyer
  • $5,000 Seller Guarantee*
  • Full Pre-Approval Check
  • Underwriter Review

$5,000 Seller Guarantee*

We stand behind our approval so Equify Lending will pay the seller $5,000 if we fail to close a Certified Home Buyer*.

Not only will this help you and your realtor submit competitive offers, but it gives the seller peace of mind knowing that your loan will fund. We are finding that offers are getting accepted more often through our certified home buyer program.

An official Certified Home Buyer Certificate will be issued to you, which can be presented along with your offer letter to any seller. Getting a mortgage pre-qualification or pre-approval isn't enough these days. Don’t let the opportunity to buy your dream home slip away without the assurance of Equify’s Certified Home Buyer Certificate!
*The offer is subject to all conditions stated on the Certified Home Buyer Certificate. This guarantee is not valid if Buyer and/or Seller choose not to close on a loan or delay caused by reasons beyond the control of Equify Lending. This advertisement does not constitute a loan approval or a loan commitment. Loan approval and/or loan commitment is subject to final underwriting review and approval.

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